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As we’ve already mentioned, lab safety equipment is absolutely essential for any practical laboratory setting. Of course, it’s easy to see why such safety equipment might be necessary for a safety perspective while using chemicals, but for many – students, in particular – it can be hard to understand why lab safety equipment is needed for experiments that are not based on chemicals.

However, wearing suitable protective science equipment in the lab is always essential, no matter the nature of the experiment.

Safety goggles, for example, can protect the wearer’s eyes against chemical splashes as well as projectiles involved during motion and force experiments. Of course, any injuries to the eyes could prove incredibly serious, so ensuring that participants’ eyes remain protected at all times is a must.

Meanwhile, gloves, lab coats, or lab aprons can also be necessary in many aspects of science. When chemicals are involved, naturally, these are necessary to protect the wearer’s skin. However, they are vital in all experiments, even when chemicals are not being used, to prevent cross-contamination and the like.

Some other examples of lab safety equipment that you might want to invest in for your lab warehouse could include bench mats, absorbent mats, safety screens, spill kits, and – just in case it’s needed in an emergency – eyewash.