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CABINETS [Corrosive Goods]: Metal, 30-Litre to 250-Litre (Chemical safety storage)

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The CHEMSHED Cabinets range are approved safety storage cabinets enabling effective isolation solutions for hazardous corrosive and flammable liquids from other incompatible chemicals.
Regulation compliance for bunded floor areas, suitable shelving, separation and adequate ventilation, make these storage units a strong, safe and highly secure against theft or vandalism, and also has a secondary containment spill control system for hazardous chemicals, simply meaning it will contain and control an internal chemical spill to a secondary area to reduce any risk of chemical spreading and exposure causing fire or an explosion.

CABINETS [Corrosive Goods]: Metal, 30L to 250L (Chemical safety storage)

All CHEMSHED Cabinets include
Double-walled 1.2 mm zincaneal construction.
Galvanised adjustable shelves channelled with drain holes for accidental spills.
Baked enamel lead-free paint inside and out, eliminating corrosion issues.
All doors have neatly rounded edges preventing injury.
Sequential closing doors.
Large warning labels.
Flush mounted locking latch. Ventilation ducts with built-in flame arrestors.
Adjustable zinc plated levelling feet.
Compliant 150 mm deep fully welded liquid tight sump.
Non-sparking 3-point latching doors.
Hidden and protected self-closing door mechanism.

Comply with the requirements of AS1940-2004:
– The maximum storage capacity.
– Display of name and address of the manufacturer.
– Appropriate signage bearing lettering at least 50 mm high.
– A dangerous goods label with sides of at least 250 mm nominal.

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