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YOUNGS MODULUS OF WIRES APPARATUS: Clamps wires up to 1.2mm dia. (18swg)

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Youngs Modulus of Wires Apparatus.

This Youngs Modulus apparatus is capable of a great degree of sensitivity and accuracy.
It consists of two metal frames connected by a pivoted link which also carries a spirit level.
Each frame is 170 x 47 mm overall.
The total depth of the complete assembly being about 75 mm.
The wires under test are held in self-centering steel chucks which will clamp wires up to 1.2 mm dia. (18 swg).
A micrometer head reading to 0.01 mm is provided for readjusting the spirit level.
The apparatus is supplied complete with a ceiling bracket carrying a pair of chucks.
A counterpoise weight and suitable wire are provided.
Slotted weights not included.

In stock (can be backordered)

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