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TELLERIUM | Useful in scientific applications

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A very high quality Tellerium designed demonstrating large scale relative movements of the Sun, Earth, and Moon, so that the causes of a number of phenomena can be understood such as day and night, changing length and direction of shadows, seasons of the year, phases of the Moon, eclipses of the Sun and Moon.

Teachers notes written for the non-specialist astronomer supplied. (PHILIP HARRIS)

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[Wikipedia excerpt: ‘…All orreries are planetariums or planetaria (alternative plural). The term orrery has only existed since 1714. A grand orrery is one that includes the outer planets known at the time of its construction. The word planetarium has been captured, and now usually refers to hemispherical theatres in which images of the night sky are projected onto an overhead surface. Planetariums (orreries) can range widely in size from hand-held to room-sized. An orrery is used to demonstrate the motion of the planets, while a mechanical device used to predict eclipses and transits is called an astrarium.  An orrery should properly include the Sun, the Earth and the Moon (plus optionally other planets). A model that only includes the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun is called a tellurion or tellurium, …..’ ]

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