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STEM EDUCATION [Stelr]: Electricity-Renewable-Wind Energy, Sustainable House

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A broad range of STEM KITS for use in the science laboratory.

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A broad range of STEM KITS for use in the science laboratory.


What is STELR?
• STELR is an acronym for Science & Technology Education Leveraging Relevance, and is a science education module program themed on Renewable Energy that deals with concerns about global warming and climate change, utilising activities to help students visually appreciate the relevance of science and sustainable energy technology in our society today. STELR is a national initiative of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering ‘ATSE’.

What topics does STELR cover?
• STELR helps students to undertake research into Solar and Wind Electricity Generation, Electric Circuits, Energy Transfer & Transformation and Sustainable Housing using purpose-designed equipment and resources combined with an inquiry-based learning approach that challenges both students and teachers.

Who uses STELR?
• STELR is used in over 400 schools worldwide with 35,000 students and over 1,000 teachers involved annually.

Is STELR a ‘STEM’ approved product?
• Yes, STELR is an approved ‘STEM’ product (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics).

Can I get spare parts for any kit?
• Yes, any part of a kit is available. Some parts need to be ordered and are priced upon query.

What do I need to get started?

  • Step 1) Select a STELR Teacher or Students Kits as required.
  • Step 2) Select a STELR Teacher or Student Resource book as required (Refer to STEM KITS ‘STELR’: Spare Parts) 
  • Step 3) Select spare accessories as required. Refer to STEM KITS ‘STELR’: Spare Parts. 

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