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SPILL KITS & ABSORBENTS: Granules for Oil or Chemical spills | Absorb range from 6.5L to 375L | Ideal for accidental liquid spillage

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Spill Kits and Absorbent Granules.

For accidental liquid spills (oils, chemical), we provide a various range of Absorbent granules and ‘Spill Kits’ for use in the science laboratory.

These selection of absorbents play an important role of emergency preparedness to adequately control and clean up spills and leaks.
Most schools departments have a prevention plan and hazardous spill procedures set in place in the unlikely case of an accident to prevent regulatory fines and employee protection.

The type of spill control kit used depends upon the liquid in need of cleanup. Spill absorbents are specifically designed for three liquid categories:

  • Oil – for hydrocarbons and oil-based liquids. Repels water
  • Aggressive – for hazmat situations with dangerous chemicals
  • Universal – for all other types of liquid cleanup

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