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RETORT STAND: Polypropylene & Metal

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A piece of scientific equipment consisting of a metal pole with a solid, strong base that is used to hold laboratory glassware and other equipment in place, preventing them from falling or coming apart.

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Retort Stand

A retort stand, also known as a clamp stand, ring stand, or lab iron stand, is a laboratory piece of equipment to which clamps can be attached to hold other pieces of scientific equipment, such as burettes, test tubes, and flasks that are widely used for titration investigations. It is a piece of laboratory equipment that can be used to hold other instruments and glassware. To better support particular types of glassware, metalware such as ring clamps, versatile clamps, 3-prongs clamps, and burette clamps can be connected to a clamp stand.

Useful polypropylene and metal retort stands for use in the school laboratory.

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