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MOLYMOD [Atomic Molecular Models]: 8x ‘Orbital Structure’ model types | Great for scientific use

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Molymod Atomic Molecular Models.

A variety of Atomic and Molecular models using ‘Orbital’ Molymods atoms and accessories which include:

  • Atomic,
  • Benzene (hybridised-unhybridised),
  • Ethane,
  • Ethene,
  • Ethyne,
  • Molecular shapes,
  • Paddles,
  • Vibrating atom

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Molymod Atomic Molecular Models

[Info excerpt from Molymod: ‘….
● Quality colour-coded, 3D educational models
● Organic / inorganic chemistry, biochemistry & general science
● For use by students & teachers at school, college or university
● Atom parts range in size from 17 to 23 mm.

● Inorganic kits:  molymod® inorganic, self-assembly kits contain sufficient atom parts and links to build individual crystal structures, a selection of which are shown. The kits are supplied in plastic containers with full assembly instructions. Models are of two kinds: Open, which use standard medium links to give extended structures, and Compact, that use short links to bring the atoms close together, forming a semi-space-filling type of model. We also have a wide range of individual organic self-assembly kits, including polymers, sugars and amino acids. A small selection of pre-assembled crystal structures are also available.

● Biochemistry Sets:
The following biochemical self-assembly semi-space-filling kits are available: glucose; sucrose; starch, fat; saturated fat; un-saturated fat; cholesterol; amino acids (7 and 20 model collection sets); polypeptide; protein beta-pleated sheet and alpha helix.

● miniDNA® advanced miniDNA® and RNA kits:
The advanced miniDNA® system comprises colour-coded, abstract-shaped parts designed to represent the nitrogenous bases, pentagonal sugar and pyramidal phosphate components needed to make a double-helix model of DNA. The three hydrogen bonds that connect Cytosine to Guanine and the two that connect Thymine to Adenine are represented by the appropriate number of pegs. Two DNA kits are available to make either a 12-layer (1 turn) or 22-layer (2 turns) DNA model. The models can be displayed on their stands, or unzipped into a ladder form to demonstrate the process of Replication. A similar approach can be taken with the two RNA kits to model the process of Protein Synthesis known as Transcription….’]

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