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MIRON VIOLET GLASS: Jars | 50ml, 250ml | Ideal for Herbal, Homeopathic, Essential oils & Chemicals

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Miron Violet Glass

These Jars are excellent storage containers with special qualities making them useful for personal use (herbal, homeopathic, cosmetics, essential oils) or scientific storage and applications.
Made from specialised bio-photonic glass with unique properties that prevent the loss of vitamin/nutrient rich ‘bio-photons’ in organic substances to help protect and preserve the essence inside the container from sun light.
This helps to increase shelf life, maintain flavour, reduce ageing and sustain product potency over a longer period of time

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Did you know this about Miron Violet Glass ??? 
Ancient Egyptian forms of violet glass were used for its special protective properties holding both general storage and sacred belongings.
During the middle ages alchemists used violet glass to store their various chemical experiments acknowledging the useful attributes of these containers.
Over the past centuries, violet glass fell into obscurity during the Industrial Age that but has now revived and found popularity again for its amazing property qualities.

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