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LIGHT BOX and OPTICAL SET: Complete Set (Eisco) with 8x acrylic prisms | Perfectly demonstrates optics

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This Light Box & Optical Set (Eisco) is virtually identical to cat. IEC0237 with all accessories interchangeable with it.
Useful for experiments involving reflection, refraction and colour mixing.

The light box has a 12-volt 20-watts quartz iodide lamp also with vertical side channels allowing slit plates and colour filters to fit into them.
In addition to that, when used with accessories it can produce convergent, divergent and parallel light beams.
Similarly, lateral apertures are available using the adjustable hinged mirrors on the side of the Light Box.

Set includes:
Set of 8x acrylic prism blocks,
A single 25 x 75 mm mirror (with plastic stand to hold it vertically)
2x stainless steel mirrors (1x half-round & 1x parabolic)
A comprehensive instruction manual is supplied.

In stock (can be backordered)

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