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BOTTLES [Wash Bottles]: Polypropylene | Useful in scientific applications

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BOTTLES – Wash Bottle

These polyethylene, translucent wash bottles with lids have a delivery tube built-in to the bottle and shows graduated calibration divisions on the outer surface that provides an approximate idea of volume dispensed.
Sold singly. NOTE: Spare integral spouts are NOT available

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(Wikipedia excerpt:  “…Dialysis tubing, also known as Visking tubing, is an artificial semi-permeable membrane tubing[1] used in separation techniques, that facilitates the flow of tiny molecules in solution based on differential diffusion. In the context of life science research, dialysis tubing is typically used in the sample clean-up and processing of proteins and DNA samples or complex biological samples such as blood or serums. Dialysis tubing is also frequently used as a teaching aid to demonstrate the principles of diffusion, osmosis, Brownian motion and the movement of molecules across a restrictive membrane. For the principles and usage of dialysis in a research setting, see Dialysis (biochemistry)...”)
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