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BELL DEMONSTRATION: 4 to 6V | Useful in scientific applications

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Bell Demonstration 4 to 6V

All of the components of this large size electric Bell Demonstration are mounted on a vertical panel.
The wiring is visible so can be traced as to where it is connected and parts are physically large.
Operates on 4 to 6 volts DC.

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[Wikipedia excerpt: ‘….An electric bell is a mechanical or electronic bell that functions by means of an electromagnet. When an electric current is applied, it produces a repetitive buzzing, clanging or ringing sound. Electromechanical bells have been widely used at railroad crossings, in telephones, fire and burglar alarms, as school bells, doorbells, and alarms in industrial plants, since the late 1800s, but they are now being widely replaced with electronic sounders. An electric bell consists of one or more electromagnets, made of a coil of insulated wire around an iron bar, which attract an iron strip armature with a clapper. When an electric current flows through the coils, the electromagnet creates a magnetic field which pulls the armature towards it, causing the hammer to strike the bell.….’ ].

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