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WIRES: Copper-Constantan-Nichrome-Insulated-Uninsulated | Bare: 50g-125g-250g / Tinned: 20M-25M | Excellent for scientific demonstrations

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WIRES – Copper, Constantan, Nichrome, Insulated-Uninsulated

A variety of copper, constantan and nichrome wires for use in the science laboratory.

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[Wikipedia excerpt:   ‘…usually cylindrical, flexible strand or rod of metal….used to bear mechanical loads or electricity and telecommunications signals……is commonly formed by drawing the metal through a hole in a die or draw plate……gauges come in various standard sizes, as expressed in terms of a gauge number. The term ‘wire’ is also used more loosely to refer to a bundle of such strands, as in “multistranded”, which is more correctly termed a ….rope in mechanics, or a cable in electricity…… comes in solid core, stranded, or braided forms. Although usually circular in cross-section, wire can be made in square, hexagonal, flattened rectangular, or other cross-sections, either for decorative purposes, or for technical purposes such as high-efficiency voice coils in loudspeakers. Edge-wound coil springs, such as the Slinky toy, are made of special flattened ……. has many uses. It forms the raw material of many important manufacturers, such as the netting industry, engineered springs, -cloth making and- rope spinning, in which it occupies a place analogous to a textile fiber… -cloth of all degrees of strength and fineness of mesh is used for sifting and screening machinery, for draining paper pulp, for window screens, and for many other purposes. Vast quantities of aluminium, copper, nickel and steel…are employed for telephone and data cables, and as conductors in electric power transmission, and heating. It is in no less demand for fencing, and much is consumed in the construction of suspension bridges, and cages, etc.

In the manufacture of stringed musical instruments and scientific instruments,….is again largely used. Carbon and stainless spring steel ….have significant applications in engineered springs for critical automotive or industrial manufactured parts/components. Pin and hairpin making; the needle and fish-hook industries; nail, peg, and rivet making; and carding machinery consume large amounts of wire as feedstock. Not all metals and metallic alloys possess the physical properties necessary to make useful …… metals must in the first place be ductile and strong in tension, the quality on which the utility of wire principally depends. The principal metals suitable for wire, possessing almost equal ductility, are platinum, silver, iron, copper, aluminium, and gold; and it is only from these and certain of their alloys with other metals, principally brass and bronze, that wire is prepared…..’]

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