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WATCH GLASS (Watchglass): Range: 60mm-75mm-100mm | Excellent for scientific demonstrations

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Watch Glass

Price is for a single Watch Glass.

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[Wikipedia excerpt:  ‘…..A ‘W G’ is a circular concave piece of ‘G’ used in chemistry as a surface to evaporate a liquid, to hold solids while being weighed, for heating a small amount of substance and as a cover for a beaker. The latter use is generally applied to prevent dust or other particles entering the beaker; the ‘W G’ does not completely seal the beaker, so gas exchanges still occur. When used as an evaporation surface, a ‘W G’ allows closer observation of precipitates or crystallization, and can be placed on a surface of contrasting color to improve the visibility overall. ‘W G’ is sometimes used to cover a ‘G’ of whisky, to concentrate the aromas in the ‘G’ , and to prevent spills when the whisky is swirled. ‘W G’ are named so because they are similar to the glass used for the front of old-fashioned pocket watches. In reference to this, large ‘W G’ are occasionally known as ……..’]

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