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TRUNDLE WHEELS: Economy 320mm dia. & Superior 318mm dia.| Excellent for scientific demonstration

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Trundle Wheels.

Versatile trundle wheels for use in the science laboratory.



[Wikipedia excerpt:   ‘….The ‘T-W’ is a measuring device, a simplified form of a surveyor’s wheel. It is commonly used by people who need an easy way to find the rough distance from one place to another. The ‘T-W’ is composed of a wheel, a handle which is attached to the axle allowing the trundle wheel to be held easily, and a clicking device which is triggered once per revolution of the wheel. ‘T-W’ are not as accurate as other methods of measuring distance but are a good way to get a rough estimation of a fairly long distance over a good surface. It works by having a wheel which has a circumference of exactly 1 metre (or other known unit of measure), hence one revolution of the wheel equates to 1 unit of distance traveled on the ground if there is no slip. Every time the wheel makes a rotation, the wheel produces an audible click which is then counted and therefore the number of clicks that are counted by the user is approximately the number of distance units traveled. Due to the design of the ‘T-W’, it has the potential to not always travel in a straight line which may add extra distance to the final reading………’] 

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