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TICKER TIMERS: Carbon discs, Repair kit, Plain & Self marking tape 16mm dia. | Excellent for scientific demonstration

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Ticker Timers.

A variety Ticker Timers with spare parts (repair kit, carbon discs, plain and self marking tape) for use in the science laboratory.

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[Information: Type 1: A very robust ticker timer providing a fixed frequency of 50 dots per second at a voltage between 5 and 12-volts AC 50Hz. If a power supply is required use Power Supply – 6 and 12-volts AC at 5-amps, cat. IEC1820.
It’s design is such that there are no parts to adjust, lose or wear out. Has a heavy metal base so clamping is not necessary. A rod extends from the rear of the base of the ticker timer for connecting to a retort stand bosshead for attaching it to a retort stand if required.
Platform is adjustable so that a number of tracks may be made on the single piece of ticker tape. Fitted with captive head terminals. Uses 16 mm wide Ticker Tape, cat. IEC0428 or cat. CRE0078, (or 44 mm dia. Carbons, cat. CRE0555 subject to availability)…]

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