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THERMOMETERS: Clinical types, Digital probe & infrared, Kerosene & Spirit filled, Maximum-Minimum, Suspension clamp, Thermometer Stand

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A wide variety of thermometers, a suspension clamp and a stand for use in the science laboratory.

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We supply a wide range of thermometers including kerosene filled, Redfill (red spirit) and ‘Greenfill’ (green spirit).

Some thermometers may arrive with spirit columns separated. This can happen to any brand of spirit thermometer.
There are various ways of restoring the spirit columns. The simplest and easiest method to try is to stand the thermometers vertically (bulb end down) and leave them for a few weeks. Another method is to place them in water and slowly bring it to the boil. Another method is to gently heat bulb at base of thermometer over a spirit lamp flame to force the spirit up the column until it gets to the top, eliminating gaps in the spirit column as it moves.

Wear safety goggles and a laboratory coat when doing this as, if the liquid is put under pressure at the top of the thermometer, the bulb at the base will burst.
Always store liquid thermometers (particularly spirit) vertically, bulb end down, to avoid the possibility of their columns splitting – recommended by manufacturers of liquid thermometers.

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