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TEST TUBES & BOILING TUBES: (Testtubes) Range from 7mm to 25mm (i.d/o.d) | Useful in scientific applications

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Test Tubes & Boiling Tubes. (Glass only)

A variety of heat resistant borosilicate Boiling & Test Tubes. Available with or without rimmed edge. (Technicians will often request rimless types. These have proven less inclined to break when bundled and dishwasher cleaned). The inner & outer diameter size is listed for easy rubber stopper ordering. Sold singly or in listed pack size.

* Bomex lab-glass types undergo an additional hardening process.
** Schott test types are recommended if solids are subjected to extreme heat..
*** For ‘U’ Shaped types (with or without  sidearm) known as ABSORPTION TUBE, click here
**** Click here for Test/Boiling Tube HOLDERS, RACKS, or BRUSHES.

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[Wikipedia excerpt:  ‘…..A test tube (“T.T”), known as a culture or sample types, is a common piece of laboratory glassware consisting of a finger-like length of glass or clear plastic tubing, open at the top and closed at the bottom. “T.T” are usually placed in special-purpose racks……Boiling tube “B.T” . A “B.T” is a small cylindrical vessel used to strongly heat substances in the flame of a Bunsen burner. A “B.T” is essentially a scaled-up test tube, being about 50% larger….They are designed to be wide enough to allow substances to boil violently as opposed to a “T.T”, which is too narrow; a boiling liquid can explode out of the end of “T.T” when they are heated, as there is no room for bubbles of gas to escape independently of the surrounding liquid. This phenomenon is called bumping….Being large and thick-walled, It is primarily used to hold small quantities of substances which are undergoing direct heating by a Bunsen burner or other heat source……’]
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