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STEM EDUCATION [Horizon]: Wind to Hydrogen Science Kit

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The Wind to Hydrogen Science Education Kit enables students to invent their own clean energy applications using a small electric motor powered by a fuel cell.
Hydrogen is produced through water electrolysis by a reversible PEM fuel cell that is itself powered by a wind turbine with profiled blades based on NASA aeronautics.
This hydrogen is then converted to electrical energy by the fuel cell and can be used to power a small fan. Turn wind power into hydrogen energy. Build your own hydrogen fuel cell powered inventions.
Features revolutionary new Horizon wind turbine. Includes Horizon’s complete curriculum on renewable energy on CD. Demonstrate the principles of wind energy, hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysis and basic electronics.

Electrolysis Mode Generating Hydrogen & Oxygen / Fuel Cell Mode Generating Electricity from Hydrogen & Oxygen / Determining the Minimum Water Decomposition Voltage / Polarization States for Hydrogen Fuel Cells /
How Many Blades Are Best – 1, 2, 3 More? / Using Three Different Curved Blade Shapes / Using Blades You Make Yourself / Turbine Efficiencies / Measuring RPM / Tuning For Maximum Power / How Blade Angle or Pitch Affects Output Power / To Generate Hydrogen

Includes Full STEM Activity Materials for:
Changing number of blades, Changing angle of blades, Using different-shaped blades, Rotational dynamics, Reversible electrolysis reactions, Reaction rates, Renewable energy, Conservation of energy and energy transfer.

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STEM EDUCATION (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math).
Wind to Hydrogen Science Kit