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STEM EDUCATION [Horizon]: Hydrogen Racer, ‘H-Racer 2.0’

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Experience the automotive technology of the future by building and driving your own hydrogen fuel cell car.
The latest generation of the H-racer, H-Racer 2.0, allows you to watch the process of electrolysis and the conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy— Both the car and the hydrogen refueling station have transparent casing and LED lighting to showcase the science.
This design has numerous awards, including: Time Magazine’s “Best Inventions”, Business Week IDEA, Metropolitan Home “Design 100″, ID magazine annual review, Business 2.0 Bottom Line Design Awards.
Accurately reflects how hydrogen cars and refueling stations work.Includes solar panel able to power the production of hydrogen. Infrared control helps guide the car once its tank is filled with fuel. CD Manual & experiment guide supplied.

Kit Contents:
Hydrogen station / Car chassis / Car body / PEM fuel cell / 0.75-watt Solar panel / Infrared remote control / Quick connector / Purging valve / Refueling input valve / Syringe / Front & rear bumpers / 3 flexible plastic tubes / 8 screws / Connector cable for solar hydrogen station / Decorative H2 sticker / Remote control batteries / Assembly instructions / CD-ROM with renewable energy curriculum manuals.

Experiments: The effect of heat on solar panels / The effect of shade on solar panels / The effect of tilt angle on solar panels / Finding the solar panel’s maximum power point / Electrolysis mode generating hydrogen and oxygen from water / Fuel cell mode generating electricity from hydrogen and oxygen / Determining the minimum voltage for water decomposition / Polarizations states for hydrogen fuel cells.

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STEM EDUCATION (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math).
Hydrogen Racer (‘H-Racer 2.0’)

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