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SPILL KITS: Large (absorbs 50L) & Small (absorbs 6L) | Useful for scientific applications

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Various ‘Spill Kits’ for use in the science laboratory.

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Various ‘Spill Kits’ for use in the science laboratory.

(Wikipedia excerpt: ..”..Chemicals as elements, compounds, mixtures, solutions and emulsions are very widely used and transported in the modern industrial society. Of necessity, they are also used in schools, universities and other training facilities to educate pupils in their safe use and handling and also are commonly used in domestic situations for cleaning, gardening and DIY. However, there are chemicals that should not mix or get in contact with others, as they can produce byproducts that may be toxic, carcinogenic, explosive etc, or can be dangerous themselves.

To avoid disasters and mishaps, maintaining safety is considered paramount, especially by chemists. Chemical safety includes all those policies, procedures and practices designed to minimise the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals. This includes the risks of exposure to persons handling the chemicals, to the surrounding environment, and to the communities and ecosystems within that environment.[1] The hazardous nature of many chemicals may be increased when mixed with other chemicals, heated or handled inappropriately..“…)
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