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STOPPER (BUNG): Silicone, Solid-1Hole-2Hole | Multi-size adjustable | ‘Uni-Stop’

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The ‘UNI-STOP’ SMALL bung is an innovative product designed to replace all of your stoppers.
Each bung has the ability to transform from a solid to a one hole bung for a range of experiments.
Manufactured from a ‘Blended Vulcanised Polymer’ to ensure longevity and versatility in every environment.

Reverse grip-ribs for maximum seal.
Two in one, solid or one hole.
Universal, fits multiple neck sizes.
Internal barb seal, for ease of tubing insert.
Universal hole, fits tubing from 6-10 mm diameter.

For a fitting 200mm PTFE Tubing (pack 10), click here.

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Stopper (Bung)

In small-scale experimental setups involving noncorrosive gases, bungs constructed of vulcanized rubber are often utilized in chemistry.

Some chemical plugs include one or more holes that allow a glass tube or laboratory funnel to be placed through the plug and into a container or other piece of equipment.

The rubber bung may be used to seal a flask because the user may need to mix the contents by shaking the flask or may need to keep the contents inside the flask and prevent leakage.

In all circumstances, the bung maintains the experiment’s environment’s seal, preventing liquids or gases from escaping (or enter).

Standardized glass stoppers and connectors are favored for applications that set higher demands on the bung in terms of temperature and mechanical durability or solvent resistance.

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