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POWER SIGNAL GENERATOR: Waveforms (Sine-Square-Triangle-TTL) | Range: 0.1Hz to 110kHz | Perfect for scientific wave demonstration

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Power Signal Generator.

• Sine, square, triangular and TTL waveforms available
• Amplitude and frequency modulation
• Instrument amplifier for amplification of signal generator output or external input
• Continuously variable output, low and high impedance
• High impedance output may be attenuated by a factor of 10 or 100 to provide fine control over low level outputs
• Built-in speaker for audible frequency range

The Power Signal Generator is a versatile device, enclosed in a space saving case.
It can produce a wide range of signals, from 0.1Hz to 110kHz, with an output power of up to 5W.
There are low and high impedance outputs, with the low impedance protected by a time delay fuse.
The unit features an internal speaker that can be turned on and off, and can be used to demonstrate the range of human hearing (from 20Hz up to 20kHz).

Frequency control is via a six position decade dial and a large continuous dial which controls a multiplier from x1 to x11.
There are also a dials to control amplitude from 0V to 5V, and attenuation on the high impedance output.
Buttons control the shape of the function (sine, triangle, square and TTL), turn the internal speaker on or off, select the modulation mode, and between auxiliary or internal signal.

There are inputs for signal modulation by an external signal, which can be a.m. or f.m., for exploring different types of radio signals, and an auxiliary input for amplification of an external signal instead of the internal function generator, such as from a microphone or music player.
This instrument is ideal for powering large speakers, and is necessary for driving the Vibration Generator H30701 to explore vibrations and waves.

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