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SCIENCE GIZMOS: Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit | 10+ Pieces | Excellent scientific demonstration

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Science Gizmos.

Uniquely, this Science Gizmo is fun and easy to use.
See how to demonstrate the properties, mechanics and applications used and taught in Physics and Chemistry labs.
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[Wikipedia excerpt:  ‘…Chemiluminescence (also chemoluminescence) is the emission of light (luminescence) as the result of a chemical reaction. There may also be limited emission of heat…… Chemiluminescence has been applied by forensic scientists to solve crimes. In this case, they use luminol and hydrogen peroxide. The iron from the blood acts as a catalyst and reacts with the luminol and hydrogen peroxide to produce blue light for about 30 seconds. Because only a small amount of iron is required for chemiluminescence, trace amounts of blood are sufficient.…’ ].

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