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SCIENCE GIZMOS: Chemical Heat Pack | 100 x 100mm | Excellent scientific demonstration

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Science Gizmos.

Uniquely, this Science Gizmo is fun and easy to use.
See how to demonstrate the properties, mechanics and applications used and taught in Physics and Chemistry labs.
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[Wikipedia excerpt:  ‘…An exothermic reaction is a “reaction for which the overall standard enthalpy change ΔH⚬ is negative.”[1][2] Exothermic reactions usually release heat and entail the replacement of weak bonds with stronger ones.[3][4] The term is often confused with exergonic reaction, which IUPAC defines as “… a reaction for which the overall standard Gibbs energy change ΔG⚬ is negative.”[2] A strongly exothermic reaction will usually also be exergonic because ΔH⚬ makes a major contribution to ΔG⚬. Most of the spectacular chemical reactions that are demonstrated in classrooms are exothermic and exergonic. The opposite is an endothermic reaction, which usually takes up heat and is driven by an entropy increase in the system.…’ ].

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