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SCIENCE GIZMOS: Rocket Balloons | Pack of 18 | Perfect for Newtons Law demonstration

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Science Gizmo – Rocket Balloons

Uniquely, these Science Gizmo Rocket Balloons are fun and easy to use.
See how to demonstrate the properties, mechanics and applications used and taught in Physics and Chemistry labs.

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[Excerpt from Wikipedia:  ‘In physics, the balloon rocket can be used easily to demonstrate simple physics, namely Newton’s third law of motion. A common experiment with a balloon rocket consists in adding other objects such as a string or fishing line, a drinking straw and adhesive tape to the balloon itself. The string is threaded through the straw and is attached at both ends to fixed objects. The straw is then taped to the side of the inflated balloon, with the mouth of the balloon touching the object it is pointed. When the balloon is released, it propels itself along the length of the string. Alternatively, a balloon rocket car can be built. A rocket balloon without its pump attached. There is also dedicated toy known as a rocket balloon, usually tubular-shaped and inflated with a special pump (pictured). These balloons, when released, propel in a more stable direction because of a steadier thrust of air and elongated shape, unlike ordinary round balloons which often launch uncontrollably. Aside from the shape, rocket balloons are also characterized by their distinctive loud buzzing or screaming noises due to the tight, reed-like opening designed to make noise as the air rushes through. They are also known as noisemaker balloons, due to the aforementioned noise….’ ].

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