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SCIENCE GIZMO: Air & Water Powered Car | Superb for scientific demonstration

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Science Gizmo – Air and Water Powered Car

Price is for one.
Scientific Gizmos are fun and easy to use to demonstrate the properties, mechanics and applications used and taught in Physics and Chemistry labs.
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(Wikipedia excerpt: “Wind-powered vehicles derive their power from sails, kites or rotors and ride on wheels—which may be linked to a wind-powered rotor—or runners. Whether powered by sail, kite or rotor, these vehicles share a common trait: As the vehicle increases in speed, the advancing airfoil encounters an increasing apparent wind at an angle of attack that is increasingly smaller. At the same time, such vehicles are subject to relatively low forward resistance, compared with traditional sailing craft. As a result, such vehicles are often capable of speeds exceeding that of the wind. …”)

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