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MODELLING CLAY EC: Pack of 12 | Useful for scientific demonstration

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These assorted pack of 12x Modelling Clay sticks are high-quality, bright coloured, non-toxic, washable, smooth, soft and pliable.
Doesn’t quickly dry out or harden for reuse time and time again and very safe for children.

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(Wikipedia excerpt:.. “..Modelling clay or modelling compound is any of a group of malleable substances used in building and sculpting. The material compositions and production processes vary considerably…..Ceramic clays are water-based substances made from clay minerals and other raw materials. They are baked at high temperatures in a process known as firing to create ceramics, such as terra cotta, earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain….. Oil-based clays are made from various combinations of oils, waxes, and clay minerals.¬†Because the oils do not evaporate like water, oil-based clays remain malleable even when left in dry environments for long periods. Articles made from oil-based clays cannot be fired, and thus are not ceramics. Because rising temperature decreases oil viscosity….¬†“)
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