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METHYLAMINE: 500ml | Suitable for practical scientific applications

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Available only to Businesses or Education Institutions – NOT FOR PUBLIC SALE. 3x requirements of applicant before delivery of this Dangerous Goods item:

  1. Complete the ‘End User II Form’ (Dual Use – Goods Declaration Form). Include witness support info: Full name, Relation to applicant, Signature.
  2. Provide current ‘Driver License’. Main front view for NZ Police verification.
  3. Provide current ‘Mobile Number’.

END USER II FORM. Send all 3x requirements to: [email protected]. * NZ schools only complete ‘End User II Form’ once a year per D.G item.

We will contact you upon Police verification response.

Methylamine / DG 3


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Methylamine / DG 8

*Fill out this End User II Form and provide current ‘Drivers License’ and ‘Mobile Number’ required for purchase of this item.
Send all 3x requirements to: [email protected]

This DG chemical is only available for Businesses or Education Institutions and not for personal use. Any chemical substance is defined as material with definite chemical composition in a pure or compound form. Therefore each one is systematically identified in relation to its particular properties and structure.

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