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An easy to operate & quiet new dynamics track it works without electric power (no air blower required).Is an airtrack alternative.

Demonstrates: motion of a sliding body, verification of momentum-conservation law, simple harmonic oscillation as a ‘spring pendulum’.

Specifications: total length of sliding way is 2,000 mm, 2x 100g sliding body, 2x repulsion springs mounted, 6x metal weights 44g, Accessories: 4x spring pendulums, 6x repulsion springs, 2x springs for spring pendulum

This is used with the datalogger light gate ‘BEESPI–V’ (sold separately) listed on page 30.  (Refer to AIRTRACK listing for a standard air track.)

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Stand size dimensions: 110 x 70mm.

Clearly shows that, when the Leyden Jar is charged, the electrostatic charge resides in the dielectric.

Polythene has been chosen as the dielectric as it  is almost unaffected by humidity therefore retaining it’s charge.  

Once charged he internal and external cups can be separated  leaving the dielectric holding the charge.  

The inner cup has a vertical rod attached to it topped with a sphere for charging.