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KIPPS GENERATOR: 2x Types- Glass & Polypropylene | Great for scientific use

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Kipps Generator

Glass and polypropylene Kipps Generator (aka Kipps Apparatus) for use in the science laboratory.

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(Wikipedia excerpt:.. “..Kipp’s (K) apparatus, also called (K) generator, is an apparatus designed for preparation of small volumes of gases. It was invented around 1844 by the Dutch pharmacist Petrus Jacobus (K) and widely used in chemical laboratories and for demonstrations in schools into the second half of the 20th century. It later fell out of use, at least in laboratories, because most gases then became available in small gas cylinders. These industrial gases are much purer and drier than those initially obtained from a (K) apparatus without further processing…

The apparatus is usually made of glass, or sometimes of polyethylene, and consists of three vertically stacked chambers, roughly resembling a snowman. The upper chamber extends downward as a tube that passes through the middle chamber into the lower chamber. There is no direct path between the middle and upper chambers, but the middle chamber is separated from the lower chamber by a retention plate, such as a conical piece of glass with small holes, which permits the passage of liquid and gas. The solid material (e.g., iron sulfide) is placed into the middle ..”)

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