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TUBING [Glass Tube]: Borosilicate 3.3, Soda & Capillary tubing | from 300mm to 1M long | Excellent for scientific use

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Scientific Glass Tube

A selective range of Glass tubes and capillary tubes made from borosilicate or soda glass.
Particularly ideal for use in the science laboratory.

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[Wikipedia excerpt: ‘… Glass tubes are mainly cylindrical hollow-wares. Their special shape combined with the huge variety of glass types (like borosilicate, flint, aluminosilicate, soda lime, lead or quartz glass), allows the use of glass tubing in many applications. For example, laboratory glassware, lighting applications, solar thermal systems and pharmaceutical packaging to name the largest. In the past, scientists constructed their own laboratory apparatus prior to the ubiquity of interchangeable ground glass joints. Today, commercially available parts connected by ground glass joints are preferred; where specialized glassware are required, they are made to measure using commercially available glass tubes by specialist glassblowers. For example, a Schlenk line is made of two large glass tubes, connected by stopcocks and smaller glass tubes, which are further connected to plastic hoses.
…..Glass tubes are produced in various types of glass and in diameters ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters. In most production processes, an “infinitely long” glass tube is drawn directly from the melt, from which approximately 1.5 m long pieces are chopped off after passing a roller track up to the drawing machine…..’ ]

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