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GAS JARS: 50mm dia. with Lid | Useful for scientific applications

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Gas Jars.

A sturdy clear glass gas jar with 50 mm lid for use in school labs.

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(Wikipedia excerpt:.. “..The characterization gas collecting tube describes an oblong gas-tight container with one valve at either end. Usually such a container has a gauged volume, has a cylindrical shape and is made of glass. Gas collecting tubes are used for science-related purposes; for taking samples of gases. 

The mass density of a gas can be measured by using a gas collecting tube, an analytical balance and an aspirator. The mass and volume of a displaced amount of gas are determined: At atmospheric pressure p {\displaystyle p} p, the gas collecting tube is filled with the gas to be investigated and the overall mass m f u l l {\displaystyle m_{full}} {\displaystyle m_{full}} is measured. Then the aspirator sucks out much of the gas yielding a second overall mass {\displaystyle m_{sucked}} {\displaystyle m_{sucked}} measurement.  ..”)
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