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EXPOSED FILM ROLL: for proteolytic enzyme experiment | 1.5M strip | Ideal for scientific application

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Exposed Film Roll

A roll of exposed film which can be used as a substrate in proteolytic enzyme experiments.
Learning Outcome GCSE Biology – The Effect of pH or temperature on Trypsin.
Supplied as 1.5M strip

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Exposed Film Roll

Any form of spool-wound photographic film shielded from white light exposure by a paper covering is referred to as an exposed film roll. The phrase originally meant the opposite of sheet film. Because of its resemblance to a shotgun cartridge, roll film was first sometimes referred to as “cartridge” film, which is confusing.

(Related Wikipedia excerpt: …..”Trypsinization is the process of cell dissociation using trypsin, a proteolytic enzyme which breaks down proteins, to dissociate adherent cells from the vessel in which they are being cultured. When added to a cell culture, trypsin breaks down the proteins that enable the cells to adhere to the vessel….

Trypsinization is often used to pass cells to a new vessel. When the trypsinization process is complete the cells will be in suspension and appear rounded…..For experimental purposes, cells are often cultivated in containers that take the form of plastic flasks or plates. In such flasks, cells are provided with growth medium comprising the essential nutrients required for proliferation, and the cells adhere to the container and each other as they grow….”).
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